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P&C Executive comprises of:
- President
- Vice President Fundraising
- Vice President Communications
- Secretary
- Assistant Secretary
- Treasurer
- Vice Treasurer

P&C office holders can be contacted through:


P&C Executive Committee Roles

This is a summary of the roles held by the P&C Executive Committee. For full details please see the P&C Federation website.


The P&C President has the fundamental role of providing leadership to the parent community which includes having an awareness of parental concerns and expectations and being an active participant in the school's planning and priority setting. 

Vice President - Fundraising

The role of the Vice President is to support the president and other committee members as well as to raise funds for the school.

Vice President - Communications

The Vice President - Communications Officer is responsible for communications within and outside the school and community.  This includes mediums such as the school newsletter, school webpage, and other digital media.  The communications officer liaises with the Principal and the office to help streamline school communications, and chairs the communications working committee.  


The Secretary is the principal administrative officer of the Association. The Secretary maintains transparent communications within the school community (through accurate minutes etc). 


The P&C raises, manages and invests into the school a substantial amount of money each year. The Treasurer manages the planning and tracking of the financial results of the P&C, ensuring the P&C is complying with Australian Accounting standards. An accounting background is ideal for these roles (but not mandatory). 

Vice Treasurer 
The Assistant Treasurer manages the planning and banking of P&C financials, providing assistance to the Treasurer.  Though not a signatory to the P&C account, the Assistant Treasurer helps with managing treasury for P&C events and stands in for the Treasurer when required.

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